Food is a particularly interesting lens through which to examine our history, culture and politics for the simple reason that everyone eats and always has.

Have you ever wondered why Americans drink more coffee than tea? Why burgers are one of our most recognizably “American” foods? Why lobster is considered a delicacy? Generally how and why we eat what we do?

Courses & Crumbs is designed to explore those topics in depth while also looking at some of our most pressing food issues. Delicious recipes and anecdotes round out what I hope will be an ongoing discussion about food that goes beyond beautiful pictures but stays light enough to be fun.

For now, I’m focusing on two types of posts:

  • Courses take in-depth looks at the history, policy and culture of different foods.
  • Crumbs are briefer, more editorial notes on current food topics and trends.

My hope is that Courses & Crumbs continues to evolve to reflect the current food environments both online and in the world and as such, I welcome questions, comments and, of course, discussion. Thanks for joining me!

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